Lost Data? No Worries

Data Recovery

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The FAQs

How long will a deleted or missing file stay on my drive?

There is no time limit. A deleted file will reside on  the drive up until such time as the space it occupies is used to store  new data. Once a deleted file has been overwritten by new data it has  been destroyed. If you have suffered data loss, minimize the use of the  computer until such time as you have finished your data recovery  efforts.

How long should it take to recover a formatted drive?

Most drive recoveries can be completed in less than 2  hours will all files recovered. Greatest time savings can be made by  knowing when to best stop a search. Rarely is it necessary to scan an  entire drive in order to get back all data.

Will That Guy recover all my data?

The sooner that data recovery is attempted after a loss  the greater the possibility that 100% of the data can be recovered (the  more a problem drive is used after a data loss, the greater the risk  that new data is written to the drive and the missing files are overwritten and destroyed). If you have accidentally formatted a drive,  or have lost a drive letter, and have not written new data to the drive, you should expect 100% recovery. If you have reset or reinstalled  Windows and have minimized the use of the computer since that time, you  should expect from 90 – 100% recovery. Of course there are situations where the chance of data  recovery is greatly reduced.