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How much does a website cost?

There are a variety of factors that affect the final price of a website. Sites that receive a high volume of traffic or handle eCommerce transactions require more resources and therefore cost more to run. Contact us today for specifics of our web design pricing.

Are free services acceptable for business websites?

Free hosting and design services don’t offer the features that you  need to run a successful business website. The templates provided can’t  be transferred when upgrading to another host, which means starting from  scratch with a new design.

How long does designing a website take?

The length of a web development project depends on the size of the  site, the amount of content and what functions it will serve. Extensive  e-commerce operations with large catalogs require attention to detail  that takes more time than designing small sites with only a few pages of  information.

What features does a business website need?

A content management system such as WordPress,  secure eCommerce tools, a user-friendly blogging platform and the  ability to handle fluctuations in traffic are all important for a  business site to be successful.

Is a separate mobile website necessary?

Nope! All of our websites are mobile responsive, meaning you only have to maintain one website and that website displays properly regardless of the device.

How is website performance tracked?

Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools for assessing  website traffic and visitor behaviors. For our clients we always  configure Google Analytics, or transfer their current Google Analytics  account. .

Will the finished design maintain a consistent brand image?

Your company’s online presence needs to match the image that  customers already recognize. That means using the same logo and slogan  that appears on your print advertising and keeping colors consistent  across all channels. If you already have a social media presence  established, your site design should fit seamlessly with the designs of  your profiles. 

Can the finished site be maintained internally?

Even if you hire us, you should be able to access website files and  analytics data on your own once the site is complete. This access is  necessary if you want to make changes or need to look up data on short  notice. A reliable website designer will hand over control of the site  to your business at the end of the project but remain available to help  with any problems that may arise.